love me accapella
	  the way you make me feel so adored
wish you'd bring me candies
when i feel lonely dream that
you were my husband-to-be in 365
all i ask is one name it after me
wish you'd write my name
on your favourite paim tree look in
my eyes, love is all you can see
night and day i dream that
things are the way before will you love me more
where, when and why did you make me cry
loneliness has become another part of life
tears running strong
and angels have gone don't how to carry on
baby i need you now
i need your arms to hold me tight tonight
please turn the lights down low
and feel my body glow whisper and flow
baby i need you now
i need your strength to hold me down tonight the world is out
of sight cause you are all that i've been searching for the way
you make me feel adored
时间:2012/12/22 15:20:19


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